And then I pulled the cord

How often does someone carry a portable DVD player on a bus and hold it up pointing the screen in your direction? Not too often. So don’t accuse me of spying on this woman’s movie experience. IT JUST HAPPENED TO BE IN MY LINE OF SIGHT.

All I could see was a couple of bearded faces illuminated by dim firelight in a dark room. Those faces did not resemble the stereotype of any country I was familiar with. And there was no sound either, so I didn’t really bother to follow the movie.

But this lady seemed to be deeply engrossed in that mute conversation among those shirtless guys. Did I mention they were shirtless? And hairy as Adam.

DVD-lady’s friend gets on at the next stop. They begin to chat. DVD-lady shows the tiny screen to her friend and says with a big grin, “There are four guys, they haven’t got anything on and they’re all Spanish”

There is something about that sentence that is deeply disturbing on so many levels.



  1. Man, that last sentence scared the stuffing out of me, well, almost. Considering that I am not too big a fan of men, naked men at that, naked hairy men at that, and naked hairy Spanish men at that, makes me feel bad for you being “in the line of sight” of that DVD player

  2. @ Jam – Hey, great to have you here! BTW good stuff on the ‘second life’ if you know what I mean. Keep it going, buddy 🙂

    @ Lini – In hindsight I’m LOL too, but back then I was so startled I got off one stop too soon. No regrets though 😀 Once again, thanks for the mention 🙂

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