And then I chased my tail

First watch that TV commercial and then you’ll begin to see what I mean. Chances are you’ve watched this Colgate Gel ad a few hundred times when you still used the phrase, “When I become a grown-up…”

Ever notice that blue streak of light wrapped around that guy? I understand NOW that it’s supposed to convey the freshness that lingers around him after using that toothpaste (whatever). ‘NOW’ is the operative word here.

When it comes to kids, ads are the biggest liars in the world. It’s like leading a blind guy into a heap of mud or cow-dung or whatever and then laughing everytime he falls for it. And he does that EVERYTIME! I know, I know, this ad here wasn’t made for kids. But I live atleast on the fringes of the demographic that this campaign was targeted at.

I’m not sure if you were equally misled, but I can never forget the hundreds of mornings of failure, betrayal and disappointment when I put the toothpaste in my mouth and looked around myself like a dog chasing its tail. EVERY MORNING. Not once did I see a shimmering blue streak of light around me.

Today I thank my Mom for not letting me give up on using toothpaste altogether.



    • Oh my! Let me first check that ad out and get back to you (after I stop at the grocery store on the way)

    • Very true. And don’t even get me started on the Sundrop ad with the kid playing around the giant jalebis and pooris. Greatest disappointment of my life! 😦

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