And then Jackie Chan fainted

I have to admit, the following is NOT my original work. Taken verbatim from a comment on Jackie Chan’s blog:

Hi sir, great fan of yours, i am from India My Name is <name masked>. As you have done such graet job in your film life and still working very hard, just few points i would like to sugesst you if you plase read it, i belive it would work for people who know you or for other who are still dont know more about you, Bellow mentioned Points 1.Make a documentary on Martial art and visit personaly in another countries to learn the arts and show those fights in that program. (like Fight Quest which is runing on Discovery Channel) and telecast on Discovery or National Geographic, i belive you are only one who can understand the tips of fight and when you will fight on the screen people realy would love to see this…. Note : It would not real fight but kind of real… 2. Make a movie with Bollywood stars, Sublect should be a coman man who live in North East (India Near Chaina Border)with family and try to sevive with there family because he is now around 45,50 so no body is ready to give him the job and his son is not in a good company some bad boys are his friends, earlier that old man was a fighter who fight for money but now he is old, suddeny the family got in Trubel and the old man came back in his old life becouse the lion alway a lion while he is old or young… 3. Shunjuku Incedence is the good stap for future keep it up please…. I hope you will think on those points Thans & Regards <e-mail address masked>

My heartfelt sympathies for Jackie Chan.



  1. @ Vimal – Best of luck da! Though I dont think the story has enough of ‘punch’ elements. Maybe ok for Jackie Chan but not good enough for the Captain 😀

    @ Tanvi – Well, he posts once a couple of months and I visit once in a few months… it’s a give-and-take scenario 😛

    @ Mrunalini – Frankly, my talents have not crossed over into the kitchen yet. So you gotta read SOMETHING to kill time and to not kill yourself, right? 😉

    @ Tanvi/Mrunal – Jokes apart, Chan is my favorite actor – probably the hardest working, most straightforward and creative of all

    @ Shreyan – Careful, dude… this commenter (whose name was masked) might come after you claiming the ‘craziest fan’ title for himself! 😀

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