And then his newest fan moonwalked

Watching the news, when my friend’s 6-year old walks in:

She: “Who is Michael Jackson?”

I: “He is the world’s greatest dancer. You know, I’m a big fan of his.”

She: “But you don’t dance”

I: “Yes, but I still like his dances. There are a lot of people who can’t dance, yet they like him the best.”

A thoughtful pause.

She: “Why are those girls crying?”

I: “Because they are big fans of Michael Jackson. They liked him a lot.”

She: “Did you cry too?”

I: “No, but I was very sad.”

She: “Why are all those people standing there?”

I: “They came to say goodbye. He was the favorite of lots and lots of people.”

She: “Why?”

I: “Well, because… because when they heard his songs and saw his dance, they found that everyone else did too. So all the people became friends and listened to his songs together”

She: “That’s cool”

I: “Yeah, I know. That’s why he is the greatest”

She: “He looks really scary”

I: “Well, that’s because he became old and sick. You see that picture right now? That’s what he used to look like before”

She: “Why did his face change from black to white?”

I: “Hmm… that’s because of plastic surgery”

She: “What is plastic surgy?”

I: “It’s uh… He became very sick, so the doctors had to change his face to look like that”

She: “It looks very scary”

I: “Yeah, but he wasn’t always scary-looking. See him singing there? He looked much better when he was a kid”

She: “How old was he then?”

I: “I’m not sure. Around 10 or 12. That’s when he started becoming famous.”

She: “At 12? Wow.”

I: “I know”

She: “They are not showing him dancing”

I: “You want to see him dance?”

She: “Yes”

Playing a Youtube clip…

I: “This is one of his best dances. See the way he’s walking?”

She: “Why is he doing that?”

I: “That’s just a style. He is going backwards, but he looks like he is walking forward”

She: “Can you walk like that?”

I: “No. Only a very few people in the world can do that”

She: “Are they famous too?”

I: “No”

She: “Why not?”

I: “Because Michael Jackson can sing, dance as well as make really good music which everyone likes. Most people can do only of those at a time”

She: “Oh”

I: “So you like his dance?”

She: “Yeah. I’m going to walk like that from now.”



  1. nice post
    i agree with you new generation dont know him much but once they see him dancing we can find automatically they get connected.

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