And then theishu was tagged

I’m finally getting off my lazy butt and succumbing to the tag fever that’s doing rounds all over the blogosphere. Athena and ThoughtfulTrain, I’m keeping my word by taking up this tag:

4 Places I Have Lived

Chennai – Spent the longest part of my life there. Unexpectedly, I love this place above all else, because this is the only city I’m confident of not getting lost in

Vijayawada – An on-and-off relationship with this cozy town, which I have always kept returning to. Planning to fade away into a quiet neighborhood here after I’m old (and filthy rich)

Pilani – Dusty, dirty, boring, dry, highly inaccessible and takes forever to reach. And yet spent the best 4 years of my life here. πŸ™‚

Indore – If it weren’t for the wife factor, Indore would outrank Pilani. Unforgettable hilltop, irresistable highway, insane race against time on a bike at 10.40pm πŸ˜€ and above all, friends for life. Life begins outdoors in Indore.

4 Favorite TV Shows

F.R.I.E.N.D.S – (That was so obvious!)

LOST – One of the best storylines ever with great production value, in spite of some unnecessary subplots and a few contrived twists

Everybody Loves Raymond – Best time to watch: a few months into married life πŸ™‚

Coupling – Not exactly PG-13, I know. But this one is undeniably hilarious!

4 Vacation Spots

Maldives – Wife is proud of my research for the best honeymoon destination in the world. Hands down winner!

Ooty – Not exactly dazzling after all these years, but got some great memories with my family.

Hyderabad – A bit overqualified for this category, but if the traffic was any more tolerable in the long run, I would bump it up to the first group. Never settled down + had loads of fun with everyone I cared about = Vacation spot.

Bora Bora – Haven’t been there yet, but who said that was a disqualifying factor?

4 Favorite Foods

I’ll answer this when they forward a tag with 400 items instead of 4

4 Daily Websites




Twitter (haven’t been there for a while. Hmm…)

4 Places I’d Rather Be (seriously, what kind of a dumbass question is this?)



Parents’ home

A swimming pool

(I bet you can’t even tell I’m frustrated by now)

4 Things To Do Before I Die (question sponsored by Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, I suppose)


Write a book

Be regarded as ‘exemplary’

Save a life

4 Books I Wish I Was Reading For The First Time

Papillon – highly recommended

Lord of the Rings – because even I cant do this a second time

The Green Mile

A Brief History of Time – so that I won’t know I’ll stop understanding it after a few chapters

4 Movies I Can Watch Again & Again (NOW we’re talking!)

The Man from Earth

The Dark Knight

Golmaal (Please! The Amol Palekar version)

Cast Away

Whew! It’s done. And I’m NOT gonna tag anyone else because I’m probably the only one left.



  1. did this one waaaay back … in May … lol .. and yup, pretty cool answers! 4 things before i die is really nice … btw, i’ve started a new laughter blog on wordpress … …. check it out !

  2. @wrahooligan – Thanks. Good job on your new blog btw.

    @Shreyan – Am glad you think so. Now help me find a drowning guy πŸ˜€

    • Ah, finally someone noticed it! πŸ˜›

      Will do, da. Definitely! Keep checking back on it once in a while; I’ve got a lot of stuff to share on that πŸ™‚

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