And then WalMart thought I was a moron

Ideally I should name this post “And then I quit Marketing – AGAIN!” Well, now you know what it is all about.

At the Wal-Mart checkout counter —

Guy1: But the barcode is showing me 17 dollars

Me: I know that. What I’m trying to tell you is that we picked it from the 13 bucks shelf. 13 bucks for a 12-inch dish. This one is 12 inches. You see this bigger one? It’s 14 inches. THAT ONE is 17 bucks. It says so on your store shelf.

Guy1: But the barcode is showing me 17 dollars

Me: (###%$#@%%^$%^) I KNOWWWWW that. Someone put the same “14-inch for $17.00” sticker on both dishes by mistake. You can clearly see the smaller one is not 14 inches. It’s only 12. It’s. How can two different sizes cost the same?

Guy1: Maybe it’s a better quality

Me: It says “Stainless Steel” on both of them! They have the same barcode number. That’s not possible, right?

Guy1: Sorry, sir

Me: (For not having a working brain?) Can I speak to a supervisor please?

Guy2: Yes, sir?

Me: (after narrating the entire Ramayana) It’s the same brand, same product with different sizes! What difference do you think will be there in the QUALITY???

Guy2: I dont know. We are not the manufacturer. Maybe there is a difference. I can only go by the barcode.

Me: Your own staff put these two dishes in their correct shelves even though they had the same barcode

Guy1: Maybe they are different types of dishes

Me: DUDE! It’s the same manufacturer. They have the same product code on both the stickers. You see that? And this thing is obviously smaller than the other one. You see that too, right? How can two different things have the same product code?

Guy2: It’s a manufacturer defect

Me: (Ok, genius) Listen, we need this and this is the only one available. Is there any way someone can help us here?

Guy2: I can give you a 10% discount

Me: (You ARE a genius!) You are giving me a discount so that I can buy a 13 dollar dish for just 16?

Guy2: (enthusiastic) Yes, sir! That’s right 🙂



  1. Its almost like u are itching to get into these situations 🙂
    Just wondering given there were no other 12 inch dishes, why not as well pick a 14 inch one and take that 10% discount?

  2. You should have tried bed, bath and beyond.. they usually send out these 20% off coupons when you sign up. You could have got the $13 one for $10 probably !!

  3. Oh these folks! We had a site to store shipping for a sofa and the attendant had a hard time locating our huuuge sofa!!

  4. @manoj – Yeah, or else I would’ve bitten his head off. 😀 In any case, I didnt take his upside-down discount, so it doesnt matter

    @thoughtfultrain – next time, give them GPS directions to find the item and watch while they lose the GPS 😉

  5. @Mrunal and @LEB – Update: we just signed up for that discount thingie at BBB 🙂 Thanks, ppl.

    I’m off to get my new 12-inch, stainless-steel, deep-dish kadai. And that ends well

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