And then IIMs will teach ‘Batch’ vs ‘Class’

Hi Friends,

We are the Group A9 for BS-II project which needs to be submitted this friday, 16th. Hence I propose that we meet once tonight at 12 AM in OH Lan Room. Reply soon so that we can change the time and venue which satisfies everyone’s interest.

~ V,

1st Year PGDM


Eh? Did I just open Gmail and enter a time-warp? Cant be. First of all, there was no guy called V in my group (name masked obviously, because anonymity is fun!). Second of all, I was in group B1 and not A9. Third of all, I never set foot in IIM-X (Again, the letter ‘X’ is a disguise, of course). And most importantly, I don’t remember being part of any BS project (pun or otherwise).

Before I can make sense of how I ended up in this mailing list, a fellow A9 member chimes in:

good idea V!! lets meet today for a short while and get started atleast!!

hope to see you guys!!

~ C

Little piece of advice: stay away from C. Guys like V may be personified butt-pains, but C is actually the breed I nicknamed ‘the cheerleader’: lends his voice the most and contributes the least. And he’s not even the worst.

Well I am perfectly fine with time .. and yes good that you brought it up soon V ..

Thanks and Regards,


PGP(PGDM) Class of 2009-11


Ok, first of all what on earth is “CLASS of 2009-11”? Now A1 here is doing what we call DCP. Every IIM’s grading system includes a Class Participation (CP) component, which is awarded based on constructive, original contribution to discussions in the classroom. Now add ‘D’ for ‘Desperate’ and go figure.

And now comes my favorite part in the email thread:

Sorry guys. Not today. Can we do it tmrw plz. I wl be out of campus and will have to come back esp for this. Also B and C unwell after tmrw’s bash.

Please consider


PGDM, Batch of 2011


The thing I like best about A2 is that he’s brutally honest about the reason for not being able to work. A rare kind, as anyone will tell you. By the way, notice the prediction of misfortune that is about to befall B and C after the next day’s bash. And there is a self-prophecy too: he already sees himself among the BATCH OF 2011, while the rest of his A9 team will be saying ‘bye-bye’ to IIM-X that year. Yeah, keep coming up with those excuses, dude! Let’s see you make a career out of them.

At this point I couldn’t continue ‘eavesdropping’ on these conversations for fear of A2’s psychic powers. So I gleefully typed this out and hit Send: (you can tell I have a lot of time to spare)


Good to see a lot of academic initiative going around.

Much as I’d love to contribute to the BS project, I regret the fact that I’m no longer at IIM.

(Yes, I jump at the slightest opportunity to brag. Blame the IIMs. Meanwhile the email continues below)

So all I can do is wish A9 the very best in this endeavor and ask to be excluded from the mailing list henceforth.

It pains me to read about exciting projects that I cannot hope to be a part of. Hope you all understand.



The next email (not part of this chain) taught me to include a smiley the next time I indulge in my evil, corny sense of humor via a textual medium (You heard that right. I said “next time”. There is going to be one, I assure you)

Hi theishu

I hope you remember me. We were in the same group of ManCom case study. Could you please tell me where are you now? Are you working or studying somewhere else? If possible, could you also let me know your reasons for leaving IIM-X? I am asking all this because I am also considering leaving IIMX due to financial constraints. Hope you would understand.



For once, I did understand. A3’s email moved me, in spite of my stone-cold conscience. To think a zillion folks give it their everything to bell the CAT year after year, only to face a financial dead-end some times… And especially when banks fall over each other to fund the education of every person who gets that coveted admission letter. Life sucks indeed.

That poor A3 dude must be in some serious shit. I wish I could help but that’s all I can do at this point in time. You see, I really need all the peanuts I earn right now. Big dreams ahead. Anyway I shot off an email to A3 explaining he had the wrong email address and wished him luck on the money matters.

A week later…

Hi theishu,

Attached the spreadsheet for your part of the assignment

~ N

Words truly fail me. So “AAAAAARRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!



  1. It is funny how such spam ends up in your mailbox. I keep getting books to review and poems to read (there is someone who is into telugu literature with my name I guess), assignments to finish and seminars to attend (from Gokharaju Rangaraju Institute), diwali wishes and trip invites (from a bunch of Puneites) , job opportunities and job offers (I guess many enter their email id incorrectly at these job portals) and finally loans topay and offers on deposits… I like calling it “genuine spam”. Since I have all the time in the world, I usually reply back pointing out the faux pas, but then there is always someone else who mistakes me for someone else…

  2. “Much as I’d love to contribute to the BS project, I regret the fact that I’m no longer at IIM.” – I don’t find this believable at all. May be the second part, but the first part, impossible! :p

  3. @mrunalini – who on earth would write YOUR name by mistake? half of us cant get it right on the first try even when we DO want to send you an email! 😛

    @Swee – YOU got the sarcasm in my email, see? And those idiots didn’t 😀

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