I am not a fanatic. Far from it. Disclaimer ends here.

We happened to watch ‘This Is It’ recently and were impressed beyond all expectations.

Michael Jackson’s hit numbers over the years were quite catchy; you can’t argue with that. Unless you are one of those who don’t listen to music (which means you have to stop reading this right now and never, ever, EVER talk to normal people. Weirdo)

How many of us haven’t found ourselves humming Bad or Remember the Time at some point in our lives? Okay, let me not get carried away into writing an obituary here. I’ll skip ahead to what I wanted to say. Go watch the movie if you like (or LIKED) his hits. For two reasons:

1. Defying expectations, MJ could still belt out all his tunes exactly the way they sounded on our walkmans all those years ago. Different songs from different decades, different tones and vocal patterns – he matched them all to perfection. I was half-expecting to see him lip-syncing actually, but he clearly saw that coming and put those doubts to rest in the very first scene.

2. I am no dancer myself (ask anyone with eyes), but I know a good performance when I see one. MJ kept pace with the young, extremely talented back-up dancers who were particularly picked for this concert series. At his age. No mean feat.

And there was a third reason too, but it was my own. I wanted to see for myself what it feels like to sit in a hall full of fans watching the world’s most famous artist sing and dance, expecting an electric atmosphere of cheering and applause. If you too are interested, then do yourself a favor and go watch it anytime other than a Saturday morning, unless you too want to go “This is so NOT it”, like I did.



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