Me: What’s with all these tanning salon coupons in the mail? Is this like tanning season or something?

Wife: Yup. People here get tanned so they don’t look too pale in winter

Me: What has winter got to do with it?

Wife: Duh! Hardly any sunshine. Naturally people turn pale.

Me: Reeeeally! (evil laughter) Now I’m really looking forward to winter

Wife: Yeah, right. It doesn’t matter at all if you’re not fair-skinned in the first place

Me: …

Wife: …

Me: …

Wife: (ROFL)



  1. @TFT – If women are the ‘FAIRER’ sex, then obviously there’s a FAIR sex in the first place, right? That’s why (Go, TFT’s hubby and BIL, Go!)

    @Swee – Who said they aren’t? Who knows, maybe I didn’t write the witty reply which actually happened. (I said ‘maybe’) 🙂

  2. The problem with skin color like ours is that we cant get tanned, I mean, even the natural way. Think abt this – I worked all winter to look “fairer” (I mean, I basically stayed indoors all thru) but went on a vacation to a beach just before going back to India in summer.. damn it, no one noticed that I had actually become a shade lighter during winter 😛 I wanted to tell them, “this is not my actual color now. I look a shade better than this, come winter.” 😛 😛 All this coz I am always betting with my husband that I am fairer than him (which I am not 😛 )

  3. Ha! Ha!

    Maybe those coupons came due to the ‘inpiration’ drawn from a certain self proclaimed Italian Casanova… who thought… the current top 2 occupants of the most expensive piece of real estate in the US of A were sun-tanned.

    You know the tall, dark and handsome bit…

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