On Hold




  1. 🙂 nicely done. Spent about 10 mins on hold today listening to some woman hard sell fixed deposits set to a very irritatingly chirpy tune, seemed like an eternity had come and gone

  2. @Roshmi – Thank you

    @Tanvi – I wanna guess the name of the bank, but then I remember the poor batchmates who happen to work there 😛

    @Vimal – Welcome back, machaan!

    @Mrunal – Ah, finally someone mentions them! 😀

    @Swee – You’re right. Now send me money so I can travel to a call center in Gurgaon

  3. hello BITSian senior!!!

    here after a loooong time … sorry

    hilarious cartoon!!!

    BTW, i have my very own laptop now which i shall take to BITS this time … and so will devote a lot of time to blogging again … to start off, i’ve tagged you in my last post … do respond!

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