Spoiler Alert

Wife: I can’t watch this anymore. You have GOT to tell me what happens towards the end. PLEASE!!

Me: You see now why I never watch horror movies with her? Why don’t you just tell her what happens?

Bro: What about YOU? You don’t want any spoilers, right?

Me: Of course not. Let me turn away and then you can tell her

Bro: Okay. If I nod, it means they’ll make it. If I shake my head, it means they won’t. Alright?

Wife: Sounds good

Me: Wait, wait! Let me look away while you ruin the suspense for her

(2 seconds later)

Wife: REALLY??? Oh my GOD, NOOOOO!!!



  1. @Kayva – thank you. I’m sure you must have had similar experiences

    @Shoobhayan – Thank you, buddy. Wish you a happy new year too!

    @Swee – Well, you were there. So you know how much of the ‘good work’ was mine 😀

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