India Recap

A recap of what I unexpectedly did and unfortunately didn’t on a recent whirlwind tour of home, sweet home:


Not accomplished on the To-Do list:

  • Go to the beach (not once in all of the 2 weeks in Chennai!)
  • Watch an IMAX movie, a stone’s throw away from home in Hyderabad
  • Watch ANY movie, at least at the multiplex across the road
  • Meet friends from school
  • Eat at Saravana Bhavan (kill me, kill me now!)
  • Get annoyed by Vimal singing behind me on the bike


Not on the list, but did anyway:

  • Fly over the Burj al-Khalifa at night
  • Watch an R-rated movie on the plane (127 Hours, pipe down)
  • Watch my best friends get married, sitting right next to them on the dais (Best Man #2, yo!)
  • Gatecrash a private family event at said friends’ wedding, just to see the look on their faces (thanks for all the help, Nam!)
  • See the (fake) look of surprise on Vimal’s face by showing up at Chennai, unannounced (thanks for all the help, Nam!)
  • Babysit my wife’s family dog, while everyone played with the cool, new Lab pup
  • Talk to the dog at 3:00AM, thinking it was my mother-in-law
  • Describe American dog-poop-picking regulations to the in-laws over lunch
  • Walk into a bar and buy drinks (don’t worry Mum and Dad, I’m still ‘unspoiled’)
  • Kill my beloved Vaio, thanks to a power surge
  • Check into the hospital, hours before a family wedding
  • Steal the thunder by making a special guest appearance at the wedding
  • Fall asleep in a mall
  • Fall asleep in a mall on the very next day
  • Shop for jewelry for the missus. Alone.


Try and top that.




  1. “thanks for all the help, Nam!” – Best two lines of the post 😀
    BTW, happy to know getting annoyed by me is there in your To-Do List. However, a lot of my fans would not agree with ur comments on my singing 🙂

  2. Hey! U know how difficult it is to keep such exciting news to oneself! 😀
    I though the ‘dog and ma-in-law’ episode was the funniest! 🙂 wonder what neelima thought of that? Does she read your blog?? 🙂

  3. @Vimal – I agree with you abt the ‘best two lines’ 😀 Not with the rest of your comment

    @Nam – You lasted a long while, so kudos! 😀 As for the other thing, Neelima wasn’t amused. She’s 50% of my readership, so gotta be careful in future 🙂

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