17:30 – “OMG it’s so sunny and beautiful outside! It’s been ages since the weather was this nice. Let’s go biking!”

17:31 – “You NEVER do ANYTHING I ask you to. But I have to put up with every lousy TV show that you want to watch.”

17:40 – “Okay, fine! If you come I promise I won’t put on the Food channel today. Good enough?”

17:43 – “Get the helmets!”

17:45 – “Do the tires have enough air in them?”

17:58 – “You’re tying shoelaces, not performing a surgery. Move faster!”

18:01 – “Now? You have to go the bathroom RIGHT NOW??”

18:03 – “Are you coming? I’m leaving!”

18:08 – “GOD, you and your shoelaces!!!”

18:15 – “Did you get the house key?”

18:17 – “Finally… Okay, now where the HELL did that SUN go?”


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