India goes 3D

Vikram Bhatt’s Haunted 3D is being touted as India’s first stereoscopic 3D horror flick. Why the long hiatus in Indian 3D after movies like Chota Chetan and Jajantaram Mamantaram? One needs to wait no more, going by this long line-up from the Indian entertainment industry that’s coming your way, right out of the screen.

What’s Up? 3DDirector: Priyadarshan – India’s first 3D comedy

Priyadarshan will be teaming up with Salman Khan to deliver the laughs once more. While he vehemently denies any coincidental plot similarities with Hollywood comedies new or old, he pointed out that Khan’s biceps and abs will be there for all to enjoy in three-dimensional glory.

Dilwale Dulhaniya ko Dubai Le JayengeDirector: Karan Johar – India’s first 3D romantic thriller, NRI love story starring Shah Rukh Khan

So far you’ve only seen two sides of King Khan – the romantic and the dark persona. This time you get to see the third dimension. Set against the backdrop of human trafficking and the rich vs poor divide among Indians living in the UAE, this film is already gathering rave reviews at world previews. And best of all, it’s been affectionately dubbed “3DLJ” by the industry pundits.

3D Chashmeyy Baddoorr – Director: Farah Khan – India’s first 3D comedy remake

This modern-day adaptation of the Delhi-based comedy starring Farooq Sheikh and Deepti Naval will have Akshay Kumar paired up with Katrina Kaif once again. As always, Farah Khan has an interesting twist: as you can see from the title, the movie is about 3D movies in present-day Bollywood.

Boo! – Director: Ram Gopal Verma – India’s first 3D horror-thriller-gangster flick

RGV too has stuck his fingers into the 3D pie. His latest project will employ an innovative storytelling technique. “The story will play out backwards in time as well as space”, the iconic filmmaker says. “If the audience isn’t smart enough to get it, don’t blame me”.

Sholaayy 3D – Director: Farhan Akhtar – India’s first 3D movie with Amitabh Bachchan in it

Big B is expected to play Thakur in this latest re-imagining of the hit movie. Farhan Akhtar comments, “I originally went to see Amitabh uncle and read him a totally unrelated script. But throughout the time we were talking, I noticed he wasn’t moving his arms at all. That’s when it hit me!”

Mughal-3D-Azam – Director: Ashutosh Gowariker – India’s first 3D period film

The big boss of period filmmakers takes up the grand daddy of period films. Deepika Padukone has signed on to reprise the role of Madhubala, while Big B will play Akbar the Great himself. Ranbir Kapoor was originally scheduled to play Salim, but he has since dropped out of the film citing scheduling conflicts.

Taare Nazar Aa Gaye – Director: Aamir Khan – India’s first 3D entry for the Oscars

Aamir Khan wields the megaphone again for this moving story about a 5-year old girl who has a rare eye disorder because of which she cannot perceive depth. “We all take 3D for granted in our real lives”, the acclaimed actor wrote on his blog. “In this movie, the plight of such helpless children will be shown so realistically that everyone can experience what they go through. While the rest of the movie will be in 3D, the protagonist’s POV (point-of-view; industry term) will be shown in 2D. Audience may face some difficulty at first, adjusting to the difference by constantly taking off their 3D glasses and putting them back on, but it’s only a fraction of the inconvenience that these innocent souls go through every single day of their lives”.

Papa 3D – Director: Subhash Ghai – India’s first family drama in 3D

Ghai’s poster boy Jackie Shroff will play the titular character in this movie. The director had once famously claimed that “Black and White” would be his last movie. “But I was only talking about 2D movies then”, he claimed at a recent press conference. “I don’t understand why the media always tries to twist my words out of context. Seriously, if you want me to stop making movies, just let me know and I’ll retire happily”.

Paanchaali – Director: Mani Ratnam – India’s first Mani Ratnam movie in 3D

The critically acclaimed director from South India has taken up the story of Draupadi as the central theme of his latest venture. Set against the dark underbelly of street poker in Mumbai, the movie has Aishwarya Rai in what we believe is the role of the princess from Mahabharat. R. Madhavan plays one of 5 young men who have a crush on her, a la Pandavas. Abhishek Bachchan will be playing the role of a modern-day Dushasana and Hrithik Roshan will play Krrish, a well-to-do illusionist. The film will be simultaneously shot in Hindi, Bhojpuri and all four south Indian languages.

Kanth 3D – Director: Shankar – World’s first 3D Rajinikanth movie

In an interesting turn of events, big studios such as AVM, Eros International and even Dreamworks have been scrambling to produce this movie which hasn’t even turned up a single page of script yet. With lavish visuals from the FX team behind Avatar, this is expected to be the world’s most expensive movie and will include footage shot on the International Space Station!

Thiruda 3D – Director: Shruti Hassan – Kamal Hassan’s first 3D movie

This cleverly titled movie has been in development for the last 15 years and is finally seeing the light of the day on Pongal. The first-time director Shruti Hassan talks about her famous dad’s role in a recent interview: “In a metaphorical sense, he will play the length, breadth and depth of the film”

Seema Simham Prachandasenaa Reddy – Director: Puri Jagannath – Tollywood’s first 3D movie

Balakrishna has kicked off his first 3D project amid great fanfare last year, just before he announced his active entry into state politics. According to inside sources, production was halted after a few demo reels were filmed in order to give Balayya some time to travel abroad for another round of liposuction. It’s 3D after all!

Ruthikaa DD 3D – Director: Shakeela – India’s first softcoremallu film in 3D

Get ready for some grown-ups only entertainment in all three dimensions in this inappropriately titled movie from God’s own godforsaken country. Famous actress Shakeela will be directing, producing and playing the lead in this film which has run into several tiffs with the censor board right from the start.


The small screen too will be getting its big share of 3D entertainment starting this year. Several projects have been green-lit across the country by many national and regional channels to bring the new dimension directly into your living rooms.*

CID 3DSony Entertainment Television – India’s first 3D crime series

“Daya, darwaza 3D mein tod do!” ‘Nuff said.

Kkoii to Dekkhooo, Pleezzz!Star Plus – India’s first 3D soap opera

Ekta Kapoor’s mighty pen has promised another decade of ultra-realistic family dynamics in this multi-starrer serial, set to begin shooting next July.

MaamiSun Network – South India’s first 3D soap opera

Radhika Sarathkumar’s Radaan Mediaworks will soon bring former screen siren Rambha to the television. At last report, Rambha has grown considerably in size after settling into a comfortable married lifeΒ  away from the spotlight, which makes her an ideal launchpad for the show. Radhika did not mean the launchpad comment literally, according to a spokesperson for the DMK party.

*At this point, the Supreme Court has not ruled yet regarding the telecast of live cricket matches in 3D. The ESPN vs Star Cricket legal battle is now entering its second year.



  1. Witty one πŸ™‚ Nice job. My favourite lines “this is expected to be the world’s most expensive movie and will include footage shot on the International Space Station!” and “The film will be simultaneously shot in Hindi, Bhojpuri and all four south Indian languages.”

  2. Good one. For me the favorite line is “Audience may face some difficulty at first, adjusting to the difference by constantly taking off their 3D glasses and putting them back on”… I laughed out loud in my office πŸ™‚

    • I think this is my favorite post of all. Finally managed to get the Missus herself to comment, YAY! πŸ˜€

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