I don’t give a damn about Anna Hazare. And neither do you.

I feel patriotic when India plays cricket against Pakistan. But not when I have to drag my butt all the way to school on August 15th and January 26th, to participate in a marching exercise on a FRICKIN’ HOLIDAY!!

I feel really good about my country when I watch Rang De Basanti or Lagaan, but I find it so inconvenient to stand upright for 52 seconds when the national anthem plays unexpectedly.

I would rather pay 200 bucks to the police constable than risk not getting my passport on time. I have to fly away to better lands soon, after all. I don’t give a damn about Anna Hazare. And neither do you…

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  1. Well-crafted and I like the flow of thoughts. But Arun, what is the point?
    I cant help reading between the lines to note the satire and the immediate expression of lack of interest – both of which are,sadly so real.
    Yes, even I do not care about Anna Hazare; but it’s more about the pulse of the movement than the individual himself. I am not protesting myself – maybe I am one of those “patriotic” individuals that you descirbe. But I support the cause, the movement and the hundreds of people who are in it.

  2. Interesting read.
    You feel patriotic when India plays cricket because the captain n players are patriotic and giving their soul for the country. Similarly you will feel patriotic when the leaders of India are patriotic and will not choose money over the betterment/growth of the country.

    You pay 200 bucks to the constable because everyone does and quite frankly he asks for it and without it you will never get your passport.

    I can go on but I feel the post us vs them(govm) which I feel will not do us any good. Remember the pledge, our politicians are our people.

    I know you have a point but we all should try to support the effort of people protesting the betterment of India. I do want to live in a better India.

  3. 1. Don’t think I’d go in the opposite direction even if there’s mile long traffic jam the right way.
    2. Thankfully I’ve never been in a situation that forces me to grease a constable’s palm.
    3. I hate cricket. I wish with all my heart that the ‘bhaav’ that that godforsaken sport garners would vanish. But yes, when India faces Pak, I sure wish the latter’s bum gets busted.
    4. I don’t fancy Anna’s ‘fast’ way out of corruption. Fasting is a rotting legacy left behind by some supposedly awesome leaders. It is unfortunate that this method is still the country’s pride. And, I will echo Archana’s comment above.

    But sadly, when I read your post, it reminds me why my country is like this. Because of many many Many mindsets like yours. Dude, don’t care about a tiny rat’s ass, but please, care about yours. Or your opposite-direction-going behind might one day not get away with bribing a khaki-clad one.

  4. Beautifully written. Its nice when people are able to see that we are all corrupt in our own lives and its not just the politicians. Also interesting to see that you feel strongly about issues but you have your own take on them. For that much, I completely agree with you.

    I am with Archana on the rest. The satire and not caring is ok since that is clearly your personal choice just the same choice as it is when you think you ought to drive away than save a life. We have our personal corruptions and yes the system is corrupt and been so for too long. But I think, we can change it. And there are people trying to. I don’t necessarily agree with all of the Jan Lokpal bill but I know the need to tackle corruption in the country.

    For such a cogently written post, it is overreaching to think you don’t care implies no one else does.Anna is there because there is a need for someone to be. For a long time there wasn’t much we could do. Now we can, and we are. I can see that you feel strongly about the “rape” of our country, tell me, what then do we do about it? It might be that we are jealous that someone else is making money and not us, but once we set a system to curb (or root out) corruption, wont it also stop you from it? For most people in our country, corruption is about difficulty to get food, health care and education. You can question why some of us are fighting when we have good lives, but you cant question all. And being one with a good life, I tell you I support because someone could use that help.


  5. nicely written but dont agree with your thoughts. Those who are not going in the protest doesnt mean they are not supporting the cause. Everyone has their own way to support , what is more important is believe in the fight against cause even if its led by someone who is counting his time.

  6. Although what you have written, surely is the case with many of our people, but its certainly not the case with most of us. If we ALL were such selfish pessimist and ungratefuls like you have mentioned, certainly there would have been no real nationalism, no real patriotism and people in this great nation would have no sentiments left and this entire mass protests would have been a one incoherent brouhaha. BUT it is not! Well, all your pessimism is apparently in an overall sense, directed towards the youth and people of this nation, but I’m sure its only a certain group and in process you are overlooking the fact that despite all negativity around there still remains a large chunk of people among billion plus Bhartiyas, who have immense feelings of nationalism and patriotism and they are fiercely proud of our ancient culture, civilization and roots.. and maybe..maybe if given a chance and direction under an esteemed leader like Shri Anna Hazare , where if say all fails.. at least the passions of patriotism will be ignited. It’s very sad, that unlike people of other ethnic nations, we Bhartiyas are not as aware, patriot and united as we should be.. but then again..who is to blame? Perhaps the govt, our culture and society and definitely us for not instilling the values of nationalism and unity into our young ones like, say the Japanese and Koreans. For if we talk and think like you have mentioned, then surely we can never progress and are doomed as a nation and civilization. Lastly, we all countrymen contribute in our own ways, and there are people who are good writers, thinkers, intellectuals and immensely passionate for our nation and yet these very people may not necessarily come down on streets to protest… and there are people who have limited knowledge of civil society and yet, they will be the first to jump in, protest and fight pitched battles for good of our people and nation. So we all play our parts and its absolutely a disgrace and insult to describe fit all of us in your ideas and picture of our nation. JAI HIND !!!

  7. Every line is a gem. Completely agree with your thoughts. I’m one of those who are sincerely wishing a change (or at least an instigation of change) in our country’s entire system through Anna Hazare’s movement. Also enjoyed reading this cause you surely have a brilliant knack for writing. Loved the reverse psychology treatment 🙂

    • A big, hearty Thanks to you ma’am, for all the compliments.

      While it’s an obvious thrill to be commended by a person of your stature, I’m really glad you got the EXACT tone of voice I was aspiring for. My day is made 🙂

  8. totally agree with you. yes most of the people are like what u said but they do not agree to the fact. whenever this protest ends, those very people who are right now on streets for supposedly fight against corruption will indulge in all those things which u mentioned. i have seen people reluctantly stand for the anthem in cinema halls but the moment their cell rings or something crosses their mind they are the first ones to ignore that the anthem is being played.
    nice way of taunting, maybe all those who read will feel some pinch…..

  9. really a great and mind provoking article which give a slap to look into inside. yes I agree I had done all what you have mentioned a small part of bribe as it is meant to be a custome to give some sort of Mithai to police man who approve your status for Passport though it wasnot urgently required. but what happen when the Policeman cross remarked on my living status I was not sure and feared that I would not be able to gt the passport once I will be blacklisted. Thoug I supported Anna Hazare from The time 10-15 years ago when I read his story of Ralegaon shinde. I admire him. I belive he is trying to white washing our House and you know it always starts from the top to bottem to get the good finishing. Thanks more to say but less of time good bye

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