A Prayer for Sia

Dear God,

Thank you for bringing this beautiful, fragile, hungry-as-a-hippo, sleepy-by-day-whiny-by-night, diaper-destroying creature into my life. You, above all (pun intended), know how much I begged for this to happen. I owe you big time, okay?

And since you are obviously on a prayer-response schedule right now, I thought I might make good use of this time and sneak in a few more. Please don’t mind. It’s not like you’re running out of wishes to grant, right?


Please let her love the outdoors, so she can describe all the amazing things she sees to her grandkids, who would obviously be living in glass-encased colonies by the year 2080.

Do not let her put anyone else in the world above her mommy. Except her own babies and husband, of course.

Let her love animals. Especially dogs. Please. I’m begging you.

Let boys fall for her looks, but help her remember that it’s their weakness and not her strength.

Let her always love, respect and take pride in her vocation and skills. No matter what profession she takes up or how much she earns. Even investment banking, for that matter.

Even if she doesn’t believe in You or understand Your true form, let her take refuge in Hope – which is basically an atheist’s version of You.

Let her not call herself a citizen of any one country. She lives on a miniscule, fragile and finite piece of rock anyway.

Let her never go down without a spectacular and fierce fight.

Let Tina Fey not sue me for drawing inspiration from her prayer for her own daughter.

Let her lead and inspire a few people and be led only by the best. Okay, maybe just one of the worst for a short while, so that she can truly appreciate life better.

Let her never waste food or time. Let her waste money a few times, but only in her pursuit of non-materialistic joys. Not make-up. Or tattoos. Or fake fingernails with Justin Bieber on them (Please, NO!).

Let her love and devour books. It’s up to you if you want to make her wear glasses. It’s not like it’s the end of the world, right?

Let her enjoy old movies and songs, so she can imagine a simple, uncomplicated world sometimes.

Give her the capacity to keep her thoughts to herself. In the company of best friends, take it away.

Let her be a fan of Charlie Chaplin and animated movies. That way she and I can have something in common for a long, long time.

When she becomes a teenager, let her rebel against me. But do remind her that I specifically asked you for a girl child.

It’s okay if you occasionally make her naïve enough to think she’s smarter than her parents’ combined IQ. But give her the sensibility to say ‘No’ when the dangers of young life taunt her.

Let no government allow me to carry a gun by the time she starts dating. This time, remind ME that I specifically asked for a girl child.

Do not give her the perfect life partner. Let it be someone whose weaknesses are complimented by her strengths and who needs her just as much as she needs him.

Give her a long, full and exciting life. That way she can look back as an old lady and say “I was born in a home which had one TV, I had to carry heavy books to study and you actually had to walk to go places. Now look at how the world has changed – personal 3D holograph projectors, flying cars, and WHY DOES THIS FOOD PILL SAY ‘PIZZA’ WHEN I SPECIFICALLY ASKED FOR PASTA???”


Thanks in advance, God.

P.S.: There’s just one last thing, if you’re still listening. Let aliens be discovered at least in HER lifetime. Thank you.



  1. You will it to the top in the “Best Dad” species 🙂
    In all your humor, I see only your love for Sia(if that’s too heavy, take it!).
    Now, I am wondering, would I pray like this for my baby too?!!!

    • @Swee: Lincoln? I gotta google that!

      @Arch: I bet every parent does

      @Gayatri: small? This is just priority 1 stuff 🙂

      @Mrunalini: yeah, what’s THAT all about?

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  3. Arun, this is awesome! Enjoying your blog 🙂
    This post in particular is quite touching and …. honest!
    Will read through the rest of the posts soon 😀

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