Her Sense of Humor

Female singer on the CD: “When you sneak up and give me a surprise hug… it’s poetry. When you step out of the shower, and dry your hair with the end of my sari… oh, that’s poetry!

Me: What a load of misleading crap!

Missus: What?

Me: Remember how you loved this song 10 years ago? (imitating) Oh, what beautiful lyrics! This is what dreams and love are all about!

Missus: So what’s wrong with that?

Me: Everything. This is the kind of stuff girls love, but only in movies. If I did sneak up on you today, you would scream the rooftop off. And if I actually tried to use your sari like a towel, you would go bat-shit insane and shave my head!

Missus: (laughs uncontrollably)

Me: I’m being serious! What’s so funny? This is a genuine issue. I’m telling you what actually bothers me!

Missus: It’s hilarious! You should write about this.



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