Bite-sized reviews of recent reads.

Updates expected about once a month (based on a totally random estimate). Click on the permalink for the review, if it doesn’t appear in the gallery.




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  2. I love Crichton and Archer but my all times favourites are Agatha Christie’s Poirot series and John Grisham’s law dramas. I have a Shelfari bookcase but they dont allow it on WP as yet. 😦

  3. Don’t bother watching the watchmen. The book truly remains unfilm-able, though the actor who played Rorschach in the movie did a stupendous job.

    • Thanks for the warning, Tanvi. And you put it well too 🙂

      I was impressed with Rorschach too, from what I saw in the trailers (not that there was anything/anyone else to be impressed with)

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